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A Nixon vase cracked in the Christchuch, NZ earthquake of 2011,
from Carol Burton . . . more

Selling a collection
from Philip Rondina, RI, USA
. . . more

A tea pot Mazurka

Your editor is always on the look-out for the quirky and unusual and for any odd pieces of Doulton ephemera. Although aware that Doulton's did have a brass band for many years, and a choir, I didn't know that someone had taken inspiration from a Doulton stoneware tea set and written a piece of music about it.

I found this on eBay and just couldn't resist buying it. I wonder whether the same composer was also inspired by other ceramics companies to write a Worcester Waltz or a Mintons Minuet?

Figurine Rarity

This Molly Malone (HN 1455), dated 1931 and printed with Doulton mark, was sold recently at Stroud Auction Rooms for £1,000.

Doulton's Tile Panels

This book published in 1904 helps our understanding of Doulton's tile panels at University College Hospital.

It confirms the identity of most of the panels and, in particular, that of Simple Simon met a Pie-man, which is totally obscured today by laboratory equipment but can be glimpsed on the early photograph of the children's ward in our article below.

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Large Doulton Lambeth tile panels,
many signed by Margaret E Thompson, are still in place at the former children's ward of University College Hospital London, despite the building's changing role.

See 26 of the panels here

Richard Garbe d. 1957

Richard Garbe's peak output was typically art deco. As well as statues, he produced a variety of ivory carvings, wood, and figurines for reproduction in ceramics by Doulton . . . more

Down the drain

From sewer pipes to luxury bathrooms. A very brief history of Doulton Lambeth
. . . more

Doulton Flambé

By Jocelyn Lukins

A 15in tall Sung urn with fighting eagles, signed by Noke but probably by Arthur Eaton.

In 2008 Jocelyn looked at Doulton's success in reviving the flambé glazes after many years of experimentation.
. . . more

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Readers often ask for valuations which, as a matter of policy, we are reluctant to provide although we may, on occasion, quote a ballpark figure if pressed. The reasons for this are many, including the fact that it is usually impossible to assess the condition of a piece from the information we receive and whether it is damaged or restored. The same item may also be worth different amounts in different countries - what is highly sought after in the UK may be unwanted in the USA and vice-versa.

There is, however, one way in which you may get a good idea of the value of your pieces - by looking on eBay and similar auction sites where you will find a huge quantity of Doulton and other collectables on offer. Find one or two similar to those you wish to value and you can easily track the chosen pieces to find out what they sold for - or, indeed, whether they sold at all. Several dealers also offer collectable Doulton items on the internet although the prices they quote will, of course, be more than they would pay for the same piece. The market is constantly changing, and this is a good way of keeping abreast of current trends.

Barry Hill

The editor asks ...

We are frequently reminded of the vulnerability of Doulton works and memorabilia since the company's demise in this country.

CD&B will continue to record threats to Doulton's long and proud history - such as the Burslem archives, the Havant tiles and the Nile Street gates - but we are dependant on our readers to help us safeguard the memory of this great British institution.

If you are aware of any potential loss to Doulton's heritage please send us your observations and comments.




SAVED Havant hospital
Doulton tiles on display

THE SPRING ARTS & HERITAGE CENTRE are pleased to announce that there is now a changing display of the restored tiles . . . details & link

Doulton Lambeth
whisky flask

This rare Doulton Lambeth whisky flask with a silver hinged cap was sold comfortably above estimate for £1950 recently at BBR Auctions in Elsecar, South Yorkshire.

Standing 7.25in (18.5 cm) tall it carried the applied lettering 'Sutherland/Grant, Mackay & Co/ Old Highland Whisky' with elaborate raised decoration.

From The Antiques Trade Gazette 11th April 2015

Recently at Bamfords
3-6 March 2015

Some good Doulton pieces at large 4-day sale . . . more

From Woolley & Wallis recent auction

Excellent works by named artists: Noke, Nixon, Simmance, Arthur Barlow and others.

A Royal Doulton Flambe vase by Harry Nixon, HN monogram 16cm. high.
Estimate: £1,000 - 1,500 . . . more

From Wolley & Wallis
Recent Sale

The Nick Rocke Collection
of British Art Pottery

Better than estimated prices for some Doulton pieces on 25th February 2015
. . . more



George Tinworth . . . more

Comparative images of different Doulton wares with brief introductions.

COLLECTIONS will be expanded from time to time and other categories added.

If you would like to see other Doulton categories displayed, email our editor with your suggestions.


A rare experimental Doulton Flambé vase by Bernard Moore

Two of our Collections:
Toby and Character Jugs

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Blue and White
in Other Colours

By Barry Hill

Doulton sometimes produced the familiar blue and white patterns such as Norfolk and Watteau in other colours. The plate above is a rare green example of a Watteau plate. In this article from 2008 our editor looks at some others . . . more

Michael Faraday

The famous 19th century British scientist and originator of the Royal Institute's Christmas Lectures appears as a limited edition from The Great Inventors Series (HN5196) in a large sale of mostly figurines at Potteries Auctions 9th January 2016.

Estimate £60 - £120.
Sold for £70.

Bonhams, Knightsbridge

A large sale featuring
the collection of Stephen Nunn
took place on 7th October

George Tinworth for Doulton Lambeth, a Mouse Musician Group, circa 1885, sold for £1,375

. . . see more results

Wooley & Wallis
Salisbury Sale Rooms

An unusual Royal Doulton Tower of London mantel clock (29.5cm high)
Estimate £500-£1,000
sold for £1,500

Some interesting Royal Doulton in a quality sale of Britisn Art Pottery
25th November 2015
saw moderate prices with some lots unsold . . . more

From The Antiques Trade Gazette

This striking 8 in (20 cm) high experimental Royal Doulton flambé vase by Bernard Moore is valued at £3,000-4,000 in Nicholas Mellors' sale on February 25-26 in Newark and was sold for a hammer price of £5,000 plus commission.

It features a Viking longboat with gilt detail on an enamelled swirling blue green sea and is offered with a Bakelite stand.
See ... more images

Woolley & Wallis

Wednesday 30th November


including the collection of
Dr John Shakeshaft

The Taylor
a rare Doulton Lambeth stoneware washing post finial designed by Gilbert Bayes.
Lot 34. Estimate £8,000 - £12,000

Many other works with modest estimates by notable Doulton artists including Mark V Marshall, Eliza Simmance and Hannah Barlow.


From the
Antiques Trade Gazette

Acquired from a car boot sale for £1 this 5in (13cm) high Royal Doulton figure is possibly a prototype for the figure Baby HN12 by Charles Noke and issued between 1912-38.

Just two are known according to the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Royal Doulton Figurines. It has no HN number or signature but is stamped 77 and has the standard Royal Doulton mark.

It was guided at £555-1000 at Warren & Wignall's October 5th sale in Leyland. Lancashire and sold at the hammer price of £1050.

From the
Antiques Trade Gazette
1st October 2016

Mendoza boxes clever in Southsea

Amongst the rarest of the Kingsware range produced by Royal Doulton in the early 20th century was this flask offered at Nesbits (19% buyer's premium) in Southsea on September 7th.

The 8.75 in (21 cm) tall flask with silver-topped cork stopper incised Mendoza to one side portrays the great Daniel Mendoza who introduced 'art and science' into 18th century prize-fighting to such effect that, although only 5ft 7 in tall, he remained champion of England from 1792-95.

Of Portuguese-Jewish descent, Mendoza was the darling of the Regency bucks who flocked to his boxing academy and became a famous name on both sides of the Atlantic.

However, his image on Kingsware (signed here for Charles Noke) seems never to have been as popular as others in the line. They are very rare. A water jug with hallmarked rim, 1926 was unsold against a Canadian $4000-6000 estimate (about £2000-3000) at Ontario auctioneers A H Wilkins' sale last September.

The Southsea offering, however, was a winner - against a £500-700 estimate it sold for £4,250.

The flask was then resold to a Brazilian colector for $12,300.00 US.

Bonhams, Knightsbridge
20th September 2016

A very rare teapot with elephants. Estimate £5000-£7000.
Sold for £8,750 inc premium.
The Return of Persephone
by Charles Vyse, HN 31
Estimate £6000-£8000.
Sold for £7,500 inc premium.

Bonhams, Edinburgh
22nd June 2016

A limited Edition Royal Doulton M.F.H Master of the Foxhounds presentation jug 1930 Estimate £250 - 350 ... more

Taylor & Fletcher, Cheltenham
23rd June 2016

Lot 42. A Doulton Lambeth stoneware Vase of baluster form, impressed marks and incised monogram to underside, probably for Florence E Barlow, 17cm
Estimate £100-150 ... more


This rare Doulton Lambeth Persian pottery charger by William Rowe, painted with flower stems in shades of blue, green and turquoise on a white ground, remained unsold recently at Woolley & Wallis.

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